20090215 New Business Cards!

I finally got to check my new post office box, knowing that some packages were waiting for me. One that I was looking forward to were my new business cards. These use some "concept" sketches that my friend Wes had done for me - and I liked them so much that I did a little photoshopping and then sent them off to a business media company to produce.

winter card
I was finding it too hard to design a card that described visually everything I do year-around, so I decided to create two cards - one for winter and another for summer.

summer card

card back
Wes McCain is climber, trail runner, and a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Western Washington University. He's also a great person and a good friend. He's interested in finding a job in the outdoor industry using his mind, art, and degree.
We're back! Sorry about being absent for almost a month - packing, moving, sick dog, no computer, I have a long list of excuses. But I'm working on putting some content up in advance, to cover my absences a little better until I get that new netbook. Thanks for being patient and sticking it out with me! :)>