20090122 / Outdoor Retailer Show

I'm attending my first ever Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.  I've got to say I'm a little blown away by it all.  I mean, I knew it was big but I didn't realize that it was BIG.  Exhibitionists (I love that title) are spilling out of the main halls and into the lobbies.  I've spoken to more people today than I usually speak to in a week - maybe even a month.  And everyone is here, from the people who make the gear to the people who make the material the gear is made out of to the people who use the gear to the people who buy the gear to sell to the people who use it.  Pretty crazy.
I can't stay on this free internet computer for much longer, but I promise to write even more about my whole experience and how this can possibly have anything to do with my life.  If you're reading this and you're in Salt Lake City, come look me up at the Brooks-Range Mountaineering booth, #8050.