20081224 Merry Christmas!!

I'm having the best Christmas ever.  We don't have any money, so we're not giving gifts - not even to each other.  But Patsy made it through the psycho-ward called Seattle-Tacoma International Airport yesterday safely, and drove up to Lake Tahoe to join Montana and I for the holiday.  Its snowing outside, we're having dinner with our neighbors tonight, and we're going skiing in the morning.  This is what I always want Christmas to be:  family, friends, and skiing.

Patsy and Montana in the Homewood Cabin, Lake Tahoe.
So for all of you - family and friends and readers - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, and perhaps most of all, Happy Winter from Patsy, Montana and I.  And Happy New Year, may the next be better then the last.  I hope to see all of you again soon, out in the mountains, climbing, skiing, running.  Or just sipping a coffee at sunrise, feeling the snow or the sun against your face, enjoying the alpenglow of another sunset.
Our Christmas tree - the biggest yet!