Announcement: The Alpine Briefs

With the closure of Alpinist Magazine earlier this fall, a lot of us were wondering where we would get our news fix from.  There's rumors that Alpinist may reincarnate as an Ascent-style annual, that the website may survive.  Meanwhile we have to settle for Climbing and Rock & Ice - both are great sport magazines, but not on the same shelf as the Alpinist.

It looks like Kelly Cordes and Dougald Macdonald have teamed up to create The Alpine Briefs, which looks like a monthly heads up of the alpine culture.  While there's no direct connection - other than some contributions - between the writer-editors of The Alpine Briefs and the editorial staff of the late Alpinist, the former is clearly influenced in style, appearance, and content by the later.  You should check it out, and if you're interested, add it to the list of blogs you follow.  I already have.